Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baking: From My Home To Yours by Dorrie Greenspan

I got it for $14 dollars, no joke!! (okay, it was 18 with shipping but this book retails at $40!)

Perhaps you have seen people post completed recipes on foodgawker or have seen the logo on other blogs. Many active bloggers of the foodie community participate in Tuesday's with Dorrie (TWD).  For those of you not familiar with this blog you can read more about how blogger Laurie started her journey Tuesdays with Dorrie. Many foodies follow along and bake every Tuesday from this book. To learn how to join the fun you can read about the rules here.

Being a college student my time is limited and my funds are precious. I am already a proud member of the Daring Bakers so baking an additional designated recipe at a minimum of twice a month poses several problems for me:

1. "No professor, the dog didn't eat my homework. I had previous obligations to a food blogger community and I had to bake a tripple chocolate torte but once you take one bite I'm positive you will have a second thought about failing me this semester." : ) - Yeah right!!

2. Baking is an expensive hobby. Especially once you develop a refined taste for high quality ingredients and the generic stuff just doesnt cut it any more.

3. Who is going to eat all this sugar!!?! I have two roommates and plenty of friends but people can only eat so much!! I wish it wernt true. It only makes me want to open a bakery so I can bake all the time :)

Therefore I decided not to join the blog roll but buy the book instead. I look forward to cooking out of this book. Obviously it has been an incredible success so I will share with you what I hope will be several successful trials with Dorrie Greenspan's recipes.

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