Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Fabulous Foodie Birthday

I haven't had much time to blog lately (read: senior year is intense) but I just had to share with you what a fantastic birthday I had!!  It was such a fun afternoon. The weather was mild and was perfect for my customized "geocaching" present hunt in the park! (I'm sure my sister and I looked ridiculous digging through the bushes )

We ate this entire "cake"....guilt free!!

Its a veggie birthday cake (areal view). Such an awesome idea!! Made with love by my mom and sister. : )

Hidden in the bushes I found the cutest little gifts 

Cookie Sheet & Rolling Pin Charm
I have been collecting charms for my charm bracelet since I was 16. I love how each charm has a story. This charm is a little baking sheet with a rolling pin, cutter and cookie dough on top. I think I'm going to start an entirely different bracelet just for baking charms ;) Isn't this little standing mixer charm adorable!!

A tiny egg pan and mini spatula
Perfect for 1 egg + 1 egg white for breakfast (or for making a mile high mini crepe stack for your roomies birthday - I hope to post that soon was awesome!)

Speaking of eggs, how ironic that the very first of my one year subscription to Food Network Magazine is all about eggs! So exciting! So far there have been articles about making trick foods for April fools day, how to make your own sushi at home and lettuce growing in the produce isle at the grocery store. Shweet!  (Thanks Theresa!)

I also got a cedar grilling plank. Cool!
These are are paper thin bunny shaped wafers - SO cute!!

It was a fantastic foodie birthday!! (yes, I got a few other things not relating to food )  

Ps. I wish I had a better camera so I could share with you the sushi that I had for birthday dinner. We went to Room 112 in Charlotte. Strawberries + cinnamon sauce over sushi = delicious!! 

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zerrin said...

Happy birthday! These are wonderful gifts for a foodie. I love especially the small egg pan, looks cute and practical.