Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Proudest!

Triple Fudge Kahlua Cake

This was intense! Fully intense flavors and a very challenging recipe (especially for the beginer baker) This cake was made for my doctors assistant's hubby's 40th birthday. <--- that was a mouthful! :-P

I was excited about my latest cake and just to make small talk I was showing the assistant a picture ((on my cell phone)) of the Princess and the Pea torte I made my sister for my sister's birthday . (I do have to say it was pretty cute. I'm going to post a picture of that too.)

She thoguht it was so cute she asked me to make her husbands birthday cake! So I sent her several recipes and of course she would pick the most difficult one! I spluged and purchased the most least expensive kitchen aid standing mixer (I have been attempting to bake with a hand held 10$ mixer and for thoes of you who bake you can empathize .. that just doesnt cut it!)

I love my new mixer and it made a fabulous cake!

I slaved over this cake (acutally made a 'test' cake- she was paying me. i didnt want to mess it up!) Overall I was very pleased with the recipe and the final product but I do have to agree with the original blogger.. its just toooooo sweet! Grab a glass of ice. cold. milk. you WILL need it.. if youre not a milk drinker, this might be a good time to give it another try!

I love gifting! The cake was a success! Look at what she had to say ..

The cake was fabulous and I mean FABULOUS..."


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