Friday, June 5, 2009

Princess and the Pea

Princess and the Pea

You're never too old for a cute cake! I made this cake for my sister's 19th birthday. I was furious when I unwrapped the fruit roll up and noticed the Scooby-Do print! Nowhere on the box did it say there was a cool little pattern. >:|

I started with a basic jelly roll cake. {note that throwing sprinkles into a jelly roll cake does not result in the ultimate confetti cake. Save those jimmies for these cupcakes.}

That's my sis, and the eight colorful cake layers! I used a basic buttercream icing mixed with food coloring. The girl's face is a simple vanilla sandwich cookie and her hair is mini chocolate chips. The pillow she rests on is actually a piece of cake I had left at the house. Just get creative, use what ever you've got! The official recipe for this cake can be found here. Since i was taking the cake for a half-hour car ride the chocolate headboard in the original recipe would have been in trouble. So, I used the curly candles instead. Bellow you can see a green jelly bean for the pea. : )

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