Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cookies n' Cream - a Chocolate Oreo Cake

Mmmmm! Oreos : )) what a delicious cookie + chocolate cake =Yummy!

I made this cake for a friend who is moving away. One of his favorites is an Oreo cake we've purchased at Harris Teeter (local grocery). I was determined to create a close clone.

I started with a chocolate mayonnaise cake (I'll likely never switch back to oil again. Mayo does the trick every time.) The Oreo frosting was a dangerous endeavor (I could seriously eat spoons full of this stuff...but I warn you: you may end up with a bit of a stomach ache. Trust me, the finish product is worth the wait.) The frosting is a basic vanilla butter cream frosting (butter at room temp, powdered sugar, milk, vanilla). I used a food processor to crush the Oreos. Next time I may just place the cookies into a plastic bag and use a rolling pin to crush them. The food processor made such fine crumbs that when mixed with the icing it created a gray color.

Reviews from the boys: "Holy crap! The Oreo cake is amazing! : )"
..... so I encourage you to give it a try!


Justin said...

another amazing cake. i'm glad I found your blog.

cookies and cups said...

I have made that icing before with the same color issue...the strange gray color...but the taste far out weighs the color, looks great!!!

Chantal said...

Thanks! :) and much agreed... there's nothing gray or dull about the taste of this cake! btw thanks for the comments.. I actually just made the rice krispie baseballs you had posted!

s said...

oh wow!