Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So I've been a total couch potato today...and I've enjoyed every guilty guilt free moment of it. :) I'm usually a million miles a minute and on occasion I welcome a day to bum around - its especially best when you know you should be doing homework or something along those lines.  But, I have too much of a good conscious to be a total loser and at least I productively procrastinated by throwing in a load of laundry :-)

In my spare time I've been brainstorming on a new name for my blog.  I started by browsing other blogs for ideas, and flipping through thesaurus.com and rhyming dictionaries -
you may have already noticed a change

from: "More Lovin' From My Oven" I like this one but there is already a "Lovin' from my oven" blog and although I didn't copy hers I would like something uniquely me..

to: "Happy. Healthy. Homey". Which good in theory because I'm a happy person. I'm also going to start including the nutritional stats for all my recipes because I believe its very important to be health conscious. And I love nothing more than to be in the presence of good company in a comfy environment but still, this name is not quite right for this blog. :-|

So please let me know if you have any ideas!!! Thanks!!! (Naturally as a food blogger I am always looking for any reason to whip up something good and I am already excited at the prospect of celebrating my newly made-over blog with some sort of delicious concoction! - properly dedicated to the person who comes up with a clever name, of course :)

Well anyways, part of a "bum" day includes watching Food Network (Alton Brown is just fantastic - besides, his shows are very educational) and plenty of bonding time with my laptop- not like that's anything out of the ordinary though.
So I checked my Facebook, its routine, and apparently I've earned myself quite the reputation
Have you ever heard of Social Interview?? (If you're a Facebook user its likely you have)

Social Interview is an application that asks you random questions about your friends. For example: "If Jane Smith was an animal what would he/she be?" But when my friend Julie posted this to my wall it literally made me laugh out loud.

"If Chantal Gagnon were a serial killer, what would his/her nickname be?
Chef Slice n Dice hahhahaha"

But better yet this post from my friend Katie made me smile:

"Do you think Chantal Gagnon could be famous one day?
Yes, she is the next Martha Stewart/Rachel Ray"

Aww, Thanks ! : D

I'm a finance major/operations management minor and I'm really excited about building my career but sometimes, in my wildest dreams, I see myself a baker. Who knows ;)

So, I hope I've given you a good starting point - be thinking of a new name for this blog.
and Happy Bum Day!! = ))  go ahead - you know you need one anyway.

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Stella said...

I think it sounds like much more fun to be a baker! Maybe that is a romantic idea though. I suppose baking might lose its lure if it is in quantity and by force. I worked for a bakery for a long time, and the bakers were not the happiest guys I must say... That might have had something to do with the 3 A.M. time in thing, but who knows...